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ayyyyyy-ooooooooo. Guess what sad queer trans boy is currently trying really hard to support himself despite the fact that he left his not great parent’s house with hardly any money?? This one! Right here! I really need any support I can get, because life is hard and my situation is super uncertain right now. Anyone who helps out can get me to write the, a fic, if they want. Because I’m great at writing fanfic and that’s my only talent. Anyways, I really need to be able to support myself, because I can’t go back to my parent’s house, it wasn’t a healthy environment, but I’m jobless and moving between friends’ houses and trying to go to school. It’s rough.

Folks please consider contributing to Zacks fundraiser if you have any extra money. He is saving up to rent an apartment in the mean time he has to pay for food and other necessities while he stays with friends and goes to school.

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